Sessions with Nikol Angel LAc

Hood River Acupuncture Appointment

During a session with Nikol, the healing experience becomes immersive and interactive. An initial session with Nikol is 90 minutes long. During this time, you will discuss your immediate health concerns as well as your past medical history, and together you will develop a long-term, sustainable wellness plan.  All subsequent sessions are 60 minutes.

Treatment Plans

The first question many people often have is, “How many sessions will I need?” The truth is that the healing process is completely different for each person. How many session you need will depend on the full scope of your condition as well as your health and wellness goals. An acute condition usually requires treatment twice a week for an initial phase followed by a re-evaluation to determine progress. Chronic conditions typically require treatments once a week for an initial phase, followed by a re-evaluation to determine reoccurring sessions.

Nikol’s 3 Phases of Care: Acute, Corrective, and Maintenance

    • Acute: focuses on the acute immediate manifestation of the dis-ease, Ex) pain alleviation, reduction in swelling and inflammation, enhanced digestion, or improved sleep.
    • Corrective: focuses on finding and healing the root and source of the disorder. This phase is where the true healing takes place.
    • Maintenance: ensures the body stays in balance and prevents the condition from reoccurring.