The Herbal Pharmacy

Herbal apothecaryNikol’s therapies work to heal your body both in and out of the office, which is why she’ll often integrate her herbal pharmacy into her acupuncture practice. Much like a primary care provider might see you in the office for the diagnosis and send you home with a prescription to aid in the treatment process, Nikol often employs blends of botanical medicine and aromatherapy for at-home treatment alongside acupuncture in the office.

If you’re interested in a consultation with Nikol, she’ll recommend a blend of therapies best for your situation. It is also common to naturally begin talking about botanical medicine during an acupuncture appointment. Here are three common types of treatments you’ll likely cover with Nikol. You can also schedule an appointment specifically based on the following treatments:

Botanical Medicine

Nikol is a devoted herbalist and regularly prescribes herbs from her herbal pharmacy for patients who are interested and who she feels would benefit. The herbal pharmacy includes eastern and western herbs used to create custom blends. Herbs provide excellent health benefits without many of the harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals. Herbal therapy is an essential part of Nikol’s comprehensive treatment plans.

The herbs used by Nikol Angel:

  • are of the highest quality
  • contain no pesticides
  • contain no heavy metals


Essential oils are aromatically volatile compounds that can stimulate a bio-physical response in the body when inhaled through the nose or applied topically. Topical application may correlate to specific acupoints, or may be applied over larger areas. Nikol may choose to use single oil, or a blend as decided on a case-by-case basis.

Healthy Eating Habits

Nikol counsels most of her patients on their diet and eating patterns. Without a sustainably healthy diet, true healing is impossible to achieve. During the initial consultation as well as subsequent visits, Nikol will review a patient’s eating patterns and determine where modifications can be made in order to support the treatment program.